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Agronomic Forms

Food & Drug Protection Division Forms


Drug Program Forms


Antifreeze Program Forms


Animal Feed and Pet Food Forms

Meat & Poultry Inspection Forms

Plant Industry Forms

- Seed & Fertilizer Section -

Product Registration Packages and Foms:

Seed Testing Laboratory:

Seed Pathology Program:

Seed Complaint Arbitration:

- Plant Protection Section -

Apiary Services Program:

Boll Weevil Program:

Gypsy Moth Program:

Plant Conservation Program:

Shipping Requirements:

Tobacco Plant Importation:

Standards Division Forms

Structural Pest Forms

 Applications for Structural Pest Control Credentials
  • PDF DocumentLicense Exam Application (9 Page Document) The North Carolina Structural Pest Committee issued a directive effective immediately. All persons applying to take the license exam must submit a Criminal Background Check with your 9 page application. The information to get the background check is placed with the 9-page application.
  • PDF Document*License Application  (Original issuance, transfer or change of address) Before apply for an structural license you must first complete the licensing application proccess above.
 Other Structural Pest Control Forms

Veterinary Division Forms

Animal Health Program
Animal Welfare Program




April 15, 2015